PPV Traffic

You pay simply to have someone view your website. This is similar to the very popular pay per click model which is used by Google AdWords. The difference is that with Google AdWords you pay every time someone clicks on your Google Ad located on the side of Google search results or on a related web page. You are not paying for a click on your site you are paying for a click on your ad which in turn leads to your site.

The pay per click model which is used by Google AdWords is the most successful advertising model ever created. It is responsible for 95% of Google’s $4 million per day income.

There are several type of pay per view traffic. You can pay for PPV traffic as a pop under, banner advertising, display advertising on related websites and even on mobile phones.

One of the most interesting models of pay per view traffic is the “desktop pop-under” pay per view traffic advertising model. Basically this type of traffic is spy ware gone good! Wait! Do not get scared. This is how it works.

Pay per view traffic networks give away free software and internet tools to users by the millions. These users agree very clearly to receive keyword targeted advertisements for the privilege of using these valuable software or computer tools. The users are also instructed very clearly how to “opt out” of the network and remove the software and advertisements.

The difference between the old spy ware model and the new desktop pop under PPV traffic is that users clearly give their permission to receive the ads and they are clearly instructed on how to remove the software and ads. It is permission based. It is the old spy ware model legitimized into a real advertising network.